About Us

Our Story

Decent is a UK-based brand offering gimmick-free, no-nonsense solutions for people who actually ride scooters. Opting to forego frills and minimising extra expenses, allow us to refocus our efforts and resources on what truly matters; Providing affordably priced, quality, scooters, spares and accessories.

We love to ride

A small group of enthusiasts, we do what we love and love what we do. We believe personal electric transport products such as electric scooters are the future of mobility for people of all ages, across across the globe. We love showing people how practical and useful these devices can be, educating on the benefits that these incredible devices offer. We enjoy assisting others with maintaining their scooters, riding out with our followers whenever we can.

A team to trust

Our team has a mix of experience from professional cyclists to tech entrepreneurs withyears of experience in mobility having dealt with major manufacturers of mobility products. We have been riding E-bikes, self balancing electric unicycles, hoverboards and more but believe that folding electric scooters, with their ease of accessibility and inexpensive entry price, are the best balance for everyone.

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